Leverett Pagoda

Leverett Pagoda.
Triple Disaster – Triple Bow.

This is of my great concern to lay on their hands the deep condolences for all the atrocities, loss and disasters which so unexpectedly happened to the Japanese people in relation to the earthquake, tsunami, and on the top of that, the Fukushima nuclear power station disaster which is among others the major concern I wanted to touch, to share and to pass a solution for.

Q:  “Can all of us together forestall such events in Japan and, in general, in the world?”

A:  It is rather impossible to forestall such events, in Japan, in general and, in the world. It has to be to understood and realised of one thing that, that Japanese people live on one of the most active tectonic crusts on Earth.
No wonder things are happening there as they do.

It is like sitting on a frying pan with the raging lava with a fire underneath.
No wonder from time to time they get burned or sometime even destroyed.
In this case nobody can predict of a such activities of the Nature. The only thing humans can do is to learn about its activities, to appoint warning systems, to live with the risk of predictably coming disaster, and when it occurs, to experience the event itself paying for the consequences of living in the area sometime with your own, your relative or your friend’s life, otherwise, move out to another area where that sort of disaster do not happen.

There is another, much more important aspect of which the humans can recognise and achieve is, to realise and synchronise with the Nature. Respect and appreciation for the mutual coexistence very much in force.
For the immediate example of, it has to be stressed that the humans and the trees are very much in relation with. They bear the same DNA string. Trees and humans are like brothers.

In Genesis 1: 29 link to:  http://www.v-a.com/bible/genesis_1-4.html it states:

29. And God said, “Behold, I give you every plant with seeds that is sown on the face of all the earth, and every fruit bearing tree whose seeds are planted, for you to be a source of food.
“Every plant, every seed, every tree, every fruit, the source of food!!!?!!!, yes!  The food for lungs is an air, the fresh air.

What the humans breath out, the trees breath in;
What the threes breath out, the humans breath in.
Humans cannot exist without the trees’ existence. They depend on each other.
The tree and the man live together in synchronised unity.  They all are the part of the self sustained Eco system. They are family.

1.  As already stated above:  My deepest personal sorrow expressed to the Japanese nation for all the disasters that which have happened so unpredictably on their land.

2.  A bit of history:  I express my full admiration and appreciation for the decision the Japanese have had made in consequence of the disaster which had happened in 1955 when a ferry carrying over one hundred children sank after colliding with another ferry, in the busy shipping lane. One hundred and sixty eight children and adults died in the disaster.

The Japanese I admire the most, among other nations, for the recognition of the higher purpose and admiration to life by designing, constructing, erecting and building this gigantic bridge ‘Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge’, a very famous bridge that crosses the Akashi Strait connecting Kobe with Lwaya of Awaji Island.

What a purpose!  What a design!  What a structure!  What an achievement!

3.  Last century, sometime like 50 – 60 years ago some scientists tried to catch an electric lightning up from the sky. They tried to capture and control the Nature.

After a long long involved work of preparation in designing, constructing and erecting this massive complex of buildings and appropriate installations within, unbelievably, to their surprise, after the first strike of a lightning from the sky, the whole structure collapsed like a proverbial “Box of matches”.

Since then they never returned to the project.

With the present advanced hi-technology known to the humans, where the close example of that is this gigantic structure of the Akashi Kaikyo bridge and other designs and inventions made by the Japanese engineers and specialists, in my personal opinion, they, I repeat it once again, only they the Japanese, can do and achieve something like that.

You can give yourselves a second chance, a second go, to design such a complex but how ambitious project, ‘the Lightning Catcher”, at least take into consideration, discuss with the appropriate authorities and specialists in the field and give yourself a try.

It seems that sharing this particular idea and project with you without any commitment in return might sound peculiar. My father used to say:
‘Unshared knowledge is wasted’.
So let use this knowledge of the existing project and do not waste it this time!

Can you imagine? Can anyone imagine!? problem of the free energy solved for everyone and for ever.
Clean and pure kind of energy straight from heaven. The God’s gift in exchange for ceasing all the wars over this source of energy.

I bow thrice to the Japanese people, in commemoration, respect, greatness, and leadership as of, the Nation of the XXI-st century.

Once for Hiroshima
Once for Nagasaki
Once for Fukushima.

Initiator of


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